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Not directly answering your question but you should consider using a Distributed Version Control System) rather than SVN. Have a look at Git with GitHub, or Mercurial with BitBucket...


Assuming it is for open source projects, you can find a list of free project hosting services that offer SVN in this Wikipedia article Google Code provides a 1024MB repository quota & more space can be requested


I've used assembla's free account. They provide 2Gb and it can be a commerical product, as well. Always been quite reliable, with no issues that I've ran into.


Since you are using an iPad, there should be an app for that. I found iVersion: With iVersion you can vie and edit your source code even when your away from your desktop. I haven't tried it my self but it looks promising.


Assembla, even in free plan, can offer Any amount of "Spaces" (collection of Assembla tools with tight integration between them) Any amount of independent SVN-repositories (they have 1.8 already) in every single space Rather good bugtracking Messaging for team's communication Ability to use external SVN-repositories inside Assembla spaces ("External ...


According to this Dropbox presentation (slide 12): The software does not use any third-party file sync or version control libraries. Dropbox wouldn't make for a very robust source control system for more than one user - it doesn't handle merging and lacks functions such as diff. You may want to have a look at using something like Git with Dropbox if ...


Your could share the SVN folder from the dedicated drobox account with both of your personal dropbox accounts. This way both of you could log in with your respective accounts and sync your personal data and SVN data by using the same dropbox instance. A word of warning: If both of you commit to (or change in any other way) the repo at the same time this ...


Look similar to the question answered here; Multiple dropbox accounts on one PC? Hope this helps.


From the Dropbox website: At the moment you can only run one installation of Dropbox on a single computer and it can only be linked to a single account. Accessing another account from a computer where Dropbox is already installed (or any computer, for that matter) is as easy as logging in as another user through the Dropbox website. Otherwise, you can ...


I second the suggestion for Assembla. It's what I use. However, I recently implemented this, just for fun, and it works!! This works for one person in your own network. It can probably be tweaked to work with multiple people (I dunno). Get/Enable Google Drive Download VisualSVN Server free Install Visual SVN on a server in your network When installing ...

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