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Found the solution after more searches ... Use an Exchange account with this configuration : Domain\User : Full email adress (e.g. : john.doe@outlook.com) Server name : s.outlook.com Other : Works with SSL on ports 443 and 993 Then, everything will be syncable


cloudHQ is a service set up to do exactly what you want. What is cloudHQ? cloudHQ is a service that continuously synchronizes and replicates data between multiple cloud services and cloud accounts in real-time. For example, with cloudHQ you can sync Google Drive and Dropbox. So cloudHQ can copy all your files from Google Drive to ...


This is a bit of a hack, but it works nevertheless (for now at least): Lets say you have a folder that you want to exclude called NON_CLOUD. We first create an empty folder that is renamed to NON_CLOUD and place it into Dropbox. Then, we use selective sync to unsync that folder: https://www.dropbox.com/help/175 Next, move your actual NON_CLOUD ...

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