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I can't actually find it documented anywhere, but I uploaded an image and played with the "More Sizes" list: Original http://i.stack.imgur.com/YdJZt.jpg I haven't included the image inline, because StackExchange would automatically scale it down. To view the original at its full size, click the link. Large thumbnail http://i.stack.imgur.com/YdJZtl.jpg ...


There are 6 total thumbnails that an image can be resized to. Each one is accessable by appending a single character suffix to the end of the image ID, and before the file extension. For example, the image located at http://i.imgur.com/12345.jpg has the Medium Thumbnail located at http://i.imgur.com/12345m.jpg The thumbnails are: s = Small Square ...


I went with bluga.net's WebThumbs service as it has the best support for the latest CSS3 modules that we're using, and a really easy to use but thorough API. The only thing significant that was missing was support for web fonts, which the author is already working on.

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