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I am using Wordpress 3.0 so I am not sure if this applies to previous versions of WP or not. In the WP admin, go to Tools > Import. Then you'll see a list of import tools you can install and use.


If you have created the YouTube account after May 2009, which I am guessing you have, then there is no way that you can unlink the YouTube account from your Google account. AFAIK not even raising a support ticket with YouTube will enable you to unlink your accounts. Taken from this YouTube Help Article Only certain types of YouTube Accounts can ...


Seems like the Evernote folks have written something especially for this case: Sign into Google Notebook Click on a notebook that you want to export Click the Export link at the bottom of the page Choose ‘Atom’ from the export options. Save the Google Atom Notebook file to your desktop Then go over to and ...


You can only transfer ownership to someone that you have already shared the document with. First click the share button, add the Google account email address, choose "Can edit" from the drop down menu and click "Save changes". Now click the drop down menu again, change it from "Can edit" to "Is owner" and click "Save changes". That should be all. If this ...


Regarding the contacts - you should export all your contacts to a .csv file. Under correction, you should be able to do this by going to options, customize contacts and then export contacts. Then in Gmail you should go to contacts and "import" contacts. I am not entirely sure about the calender entries, but I've successfully migrated contacts in the past ...


Have you tried Blog2Blog, as described here?

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