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This is not possible. Anyone who can close cards can also change them/add new ones.


A good way to accomplish this would be to use the dash (-) instead of the dot. (.) Add something like 14-2 to the card name title. (not in the description) Card labels are the best way to filter for cards and there are 6 labels available. Labels add color bars to your cards too. Use the above method if you need more than 6 label filters.


Yes, your Trello board is always a current snapshot of your items (cards) as they are now. Once you Archive a card, it is stored in "Archived Items" under the board Menu with all of the other archived cards. The archived cards do remain attached to the board they were archived in. There is no way to go back and see any state your board was in previously. ...


I have created a zap in Zapier that works like a charm - at least for my scenario. The task in Zapier creates a new card with the same content as a previous card. The trigger is: When a Card is moved to the "Done" list on my board AND the description field contains the word "Recurring" the zap is triggered. All fields are copied from the old card but the ...


No, sadly that isn't possible. Well, I mean, it's possible to write a script to do that with the Trello API, but it's not possible through the Trello web app.


You can use this bookmarklet. I'm going to create some Google Chrome Extension in near future. But this bookmarklet is very simple fast solution to show card numbers on each card.

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