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Someone recently added this option to Vertical Lists for Trello (a Chrome extension I created). It might not be as full featured as you're looking for, but it will now alternate the board arrangement between horizontal, vertical and "grid".


If you use Chrome, you can create multiple personalities and use them side-by-side, each remembering its own login. I use this regularly for multiple Google and Microsoft cloud service logins. Each personality has it's own set of history, cookies and credentials. UPDATE: There is a Firefox plugin called Multifox that claims to allow multiple logins. Not ...


Yes you can, check out https://github.com/libreboard/libreboard which is like trello is derived from


We have written a "Links" addon for Trello that adds JIRA-like dependencies - with various types like "depends on" or "blocks". It doesn't modify card contents to store dependencies - they are stored in additional storage provided by Taist - this is our platform for creating addons to cloud applications.


As I always wanted this feature, I wrote a bot that keeps cards in sync across Boards. See if it suits your needs. From the description: Hello, I am a card mirror, which means I can update the content of one Trello card to reflect changes made on other card. You can use me to create 2 or more twin cards between two boards. So whenever someone ...


Not sure what happened, but now it's fixed! :-)


From what I can tell, no, at least not directly. You might try contacting Trello to request it as new feature though. In the meantime, you could try a workaround using another free webapp: Trello integrates seamlessly, including 2-way sync, with Sunrise Calendar which in turn automatically adds new events from your Gmail.


There is now an Add on for Chrome called Slim Lists for Trello available on the Web Store


Since the Trello card overview does not support a calendar, there is no feature to show all cards of all boards in Trello. But you can either use Sunrise or trello-calendar.w11k.de (open source).

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