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This works from the developer tools in Chrome: it could be made into a bookmarklet or user script. var sheet = $('<style>', { type:'text/css', text: '' }).appendTo('head')[0].sheet; sheet.insertRule([ '.list {', 'flex-basis: auto;', 'margin-bottom: 1ex;', '}'].join('\n'), 0); sheet.insertRule([ '#board {', 'flex-wrap: wrap;', ...


You can click CHECKLIST on the right and click "copy checklist from" to get your checklists. Of course they won't be checked off if you have any checked off. As for comments, all I know about now is the copy and paste feature.


I just wrote a Trello RTL Support (Github) client-side solution. It's still new, but has really help me. Update (2014-12-15): I added Hebrew language as another RTL language to supported list.


I made a rookie mistake searching for ticket 6 which wouldn't work, tried #6 still no good, but then searched for 06 and it worked.


You can revoke access to Drive (or other Google services) at https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions After this, you can link to a new account.


As of last week Trello now has the ability for unlimited labels: http://blog.trello.com/introducing-unlimited-labels/


You can move the entire list to a different board. From the list’s Move command, you can choose the board you want it moved to. (In the second picture below, if you click on the board’s name, you get the list with all your boards.)

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