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This works great for Tumblr themes, secondary blog was showing primary username but with this code it shows username of any blog (primary and/or secondary): {block:NotReblog}<p>By <a href="{BlogURL}">{name}</a></p>{/block:NotReblog}


My way of doing this... and it is a really annoying way is: edit post in Rich Text mode upload the images you want in the post with the inline image uploader turn it in to HTML edit mode and add alt text to images save the post while you are in HTML edit mode So this way tumblr hosts my images AND I can use my own alt text. For example in this post I ...


Building on the :before suggestion in previous answers. If you are working with a list of tags it's quite possible that you will be placing them in a list. If you do use each li tag with :before rather than the a tag inside the li tag - each tag will be the first-child of the li tag however only one li tag will be the first-child of the ul or ol tag! I am ...


Search towards the bottom find where it has the =tags do not change simply remove all the tag coded area and it will automatically be removed from the page

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