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The only reason that services which allow sharing option (TwitPic, imgur and even Dropbox) force you to share rights on your content is to allow the service to do its job, namely: publish this content. Dropbox, for instance, had an incident when they changed the TOS: there was a big discussion, and Dropbox guys had to explain why they did that. Here the ...


You cannot. I am certain that this is by design to avoid abusing the service. Think about lots of people retweeting non-offending picture A to suddenly find out that it has somehow changed to offending picture B.


Taking info from the link in @Sathya's comment above, the answer is to use Mobypicture. Their page News: your content is yours is very clear (my emphasis) Content Ownership: All rights of uploaded content by our users remain the property of our users and can in no means be sold or used by Mobypicture or affiliated third party partners without consent ...


Mashable had a good article on twitter photo services. I haven't looked through them all. I use twitpic mainly. 10. TwitrPix9. Twitgoo8. yfrog7. Flickr5. Mobypicture4. Posterous3. SmugMug2. ow.ly1. Twitpic This can be changed by visiting or clicking your user drop-down in the upper right, then ...

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