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Yes, it is a common practice to use Twitter for reading only. You can create a new private account with a random username (not anything that can be linked to you), follow the accounts you're interested in, and do not accept any follower requests. If you're particularly concerned about privacy, do this with a separate email account (not used for anything ...


If you're reading from the webapp then you'll need to hold down either Ctrl (on Windows) or Command (if you're on Mac) before clicking the embedded/replied-to tweet. That will open it up into a new tab (or new window depending on your browser settings).


You should be able to revoke access via the Web using by going into Settings, then apps. This article in the support docs goes through the process in more detail: https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170805#revoke-access-web In there you should see "iOS by Apple", click on revoke access and this should log you out of all iOS device using your Twitter ...

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