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Yes, because user1 has a public account and has a setting to receive message from anyone. So user2 can send direct message to user1 even if user1 doesn't follow user2. But user2 will not be able to send message if user1 has a setting to not receive message from anyone or only whom I follow.


Of course. There are many solutions out there that make this easy. The easiest of course is just giving each staff member the password, but that has the downside of not being able to track who posted what. Plus you'd have to change the password when staff members change. I've usually got around this by using HootSuite. I haven't used it recently so some of ...


Hashtags are a self-selected marker, but considering all of the data they have available they have tons of information about what people are tweeting about at any given time. As long as they can identify something as an actual "topic" and not just a couple of words that are adjacent in a sentence, this would be a candidate to be trending. The algorithm ...


I just logged out of both Twitter & FB on Chrome, opened Internet Explorer/Edge/whatever, logged into Twitter & voila! That finally worked. I was able to link my Twitter account to Facebook.

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