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As long as they are "login attempts" then they haven't accessed your account yet. You may want to reset your password or enable Twitter's Login verification if you are concerned that your account may be accessed by someone else. Login verification sends a code to your phone that is required to actually access the account. Directions can be found here: ...


As of now there is no official way to delete all direct messages at once. You have to use some third party apps. You can give a try to this app Twitter DM Cleaner. The app will ask for access to your DMs.


You can do this in advanced search. Search for something in the search tool bar and click on the more options tab on the result page and then choose advanced search. Enter the Twitter account into the "from account" field and make sure the "include retweet" check box at the bottom is unchecked. Search and then it returns all tweets from the account without ...


If your Tweets have never been public (in other words, you've always had your Tweets protected in your settings), your updates should never show up in Twitter search or other public search engines. From Twitter Help Center: While we may not show every Tweet in search results, here are a few reasons you may not be seeing yours: Are you viewing ...

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