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You may be seeing this as a result of an experiment in user engagement and retention by Twitter, where you see favourited tweets show up as if they were normal tweets and retweets. Twitter's Retweet Experiment Will Make You Rethink Your Favorites In its latest effort to engage newbies, Twitter is sharing "favorite" tweets on some accounts as if they ...


What I did was changing my handle. I just couldn't handle it all!! Only thing I'm sad about is that I had such a unique handle I didn't even realized it before I changed it - now I can't change back because it was only 5 characters long. :( I was just going to "move it" elsewhere.


No, not possible. The only options available are those listed at https://dev.twitter.com/docs/intents url via text in_reply_to hashtags related


You can use the Favourite feature to mark the last tweet. Favourite the last tweet first, then fetch the new tweets. Scroll down to the first favourite, unfavourite it, then start reading upwards. I am not sure if the authors of the (un)favourited tweets are notified. You might be a little bit annoying in that case. :) Unfortunately, selecting some ...


Are they seriously saying they're going to follow people and post tweets using my account without my intervention? The scope of the authorization is that should you authorize, they can tweet, follow, and update your profile. Note that it's they can, not that they will. Twitter's authorization scope allows for read-only, read+write, read+write+send dm ...


Let's just start with Twitter for the site that you mentioned weheartit.com If you don't how that login is provided. The site(weheartit.com) had created a twitter application at http://dev.twitter.com and made the app with read , write permissions. (You don't wanna get into the coding part unless you're a programmer). It is the same with Facebook, Google+ ...


The network has a IPsec that you must disable.

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