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I had been having this same problem as well. I saw a tweet that said if you have email notifications disabled, it won't send. Hopefully that will fix the problem. It didn't fix mine but it fixed several others'.


This is not instant. Depending on the size of your archive and the current processing queue, it will take some time before you receive the email. When your download is ready, we'll send an email with a download link to the confirmed email address associated with your Twitter account. Please note: It may take a few days for us to prepare the ...


A solution that doesn't require to login with any account is Topsy, a service for searching old tweets (and more). You could retrieve all tweets from @ someone and filter RT for the retweets. It's similar to snapbird as suggested in @plain-jane's comment. Then search for: from:@someone You can add others terms in the search also (see option advanced ...

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