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As far as I can tell from the following Typepad KnowledgeBase page, you can’t: As stated under “Blog Folder”, if you change the name of the blog folder (that’s the root folder on the domain that the blog lives in), links to the old name will break.


As I answered in the question "Is there a Wordpress plugin that will tweet when a scheduled post is posted?", if you use FeedBurner to manage your blog's RSS feed, you can set it up to post to Twitter automatically. It even offers a bunch of options about the format of the tweet. If you use FeedBurner to manage the RSS of your blog, you can go to the ...


First, turn off the Twitter alert option in Typepad, then go sign up for or twitterfeed. Then enter the URL for your Typepad's RSS feed and customize to your heart's content!


Managing Typepad is extremely easy. I've used them extensively in the past for our corporate blog, and been fairly happy with their service. The only complaint I've had is that they're somewhat barebones, feature-wise, in exchange for very high uptime and a very simple user interface. As far as I know, Typepad doesn't even offer a host-it-yourself service; ...

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