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Go to your blog Click "Customize" in the upper left Deselect "Promote Tumblr!"


It seems the possibility you have been hacked is quite high. As the Twitter Help Center Page states, here are some common things that happen when you are hacked: Noticed unexpected Tweets by your account Seen unintended direct messages (DMs) sent from your account Observed other account behaviors you didn't make or approve (like following, ...


On your profile page in the area where the people your are following is located, click on "View all" and then a pop-up will give you the option to unfollow people. Edit: more details from support: You can unfollow a ResearchGate user by following these steps: - when viewing your own user profile in ResearchGate, click on the 'View all' link above the list ...


Go to the Profile page of person you want to unfollow. You will find a wrench icon called "Controls" right bellow the "Quests". Open the "Controls" by clicking on the little arrow next to it, then you will found the "unfollow" button.

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