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The Firefox extension AdBlock Plus removes them just fine, although the equivalent in Chrome does not. Regarding what you call "tracking", that is just software finding keywords in your emails and displaying appropriate ads. Obviously no personal information is given to advertisers and no-one is reading your emails.


If you purchase the premium edition of Google Apps, ads will be disabled. Disabling ads via other means may be a violation of Google's TOS (and they'll still be doing all the mind-reading, just invisibly)


An application called Rapportive effectively replaces the ads on the right side with something more useful. (User notes on the contact's email) Not certain of the legalities of this. Also not sure if it is THIS app which is effectively hiding the ads or some setting or feature I have enabled, but this is worth looking at anyway.


For the right side ones, you can always just enable the chat to appear on the right. Then your only ad will be the one above the archive/report spam/delete/etc buttons.


Well, one work around I've seen is the "magic words" from Boing Boing. Basically adding catastrophic words such as "murder" "suicide" in the email body and Google won't show "related ads." Of course this work around isn't the most practical.


Yes, you can use Adblock Plus to hide these ads if you use Firefox or Chrome. If you just want to stop getting spooked by their relevance to you, you don't have to start wearing tin foil on your head, you can just opt out of Adwords and maybe opt out of Analytics too whilst you're at it :)


If you are using Firefox, you can use Adblock Plus addon to eliminate those ads.


If you want your data to be publicly searchable. Ragic should work really well and it has a permanently free community version that does exactly what you mentioned. Survey users can fill out survey using an online spreadsheet form, and entries can be searched with full text search, or by any fields that you created.


Explore Zoho Creator.


Check out GoDaddy's Easy Database for Websites product, it's perfect for your situation: The application codes widgets that collect and display information that can be embedded on your website. It’s great for restaurant menus, photo galleries, team rosters, hotel reservations, and anything else you’d manage in a table and display on a website. Easy ...


If you want a Wiki where anyone can edit the information, then the obvious answer is MediaWiki. They have several Poll plugins and extensions, but the most stable I've found is CommunityVoice: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:CommunityVoice If you just want slick looking polls and surveys, I would go with SurveyMonkey (a hosted solution, no coding ...

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