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Facebook does not provide a way to have groups that anyone can join instantly. Someone already in the group must add them, or they can request approval from a group admin. The likely reason for not providing this is that it would attract spammers. Old-style open groups had spam problems and they did not even have the new group notification or chat options....


I came up with some solutions and they seem to work at the moment: First, the easiest one. Use the bookmarklet I have mentioned here. When you click the bookmark, YouTube video will stop. If you need a button, use this userscript. I recently created my own Google Chrome Extension. If you are a Chrome user, you can make use of this extension instead of the ...


If you are looking to restyle it, the browser extension 'Stylish' (available for Chrome and Firefox, possibly more), is probably your best bet. There are 77 pages of styles with the term Facebook designed to be used with Stylish, available here (which can be applied through Greasemonkey too I believe):


I would write a simple jquery script and add includes to jquery from the CDN. <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(function(){ setTimeout(function() { $("a.NAMEOFTHEBUTTON").trigger('click'); },10); }); </...


Looks like I’m a bit late. As Sk Nepal mentioned, you can use a simple bookmarklet to address the issue. It will be workable as long as YouTube has a static player ID. Here is my version of the bookmarklet.


It's not possible to change the sort order in Gmail but some other tools like IMAP and POP desktop clients have that feature. The built-alternative to changing the sort order, is to use Gmail search (see [1]). It includes search constraints. Also, could be used the search operators "before", "after", "newer" and "older". From [2] Example: after:2004/...


The only way to stop your download is to click at the end of your YouTube video. If you are looking for the thumb that the video use: press Ctrl + U. Search for this line: meta property="og:image" content="" You can use Ctrl + F for searching this line. Copy and paste the URL.


There are a number of Facebook skins you can use with Greasemonkey. Try out one or two of those, or, if you're Javascript-savvy, look at the source of the script yourself to see if it seems like something you could tweak yourself to your own liking.


This might be of some use to you:


This Greasemonkey script adds a RT link to all tweets on It adds the current tweet text in to to your new tweet box prefixed with RT - this will then enable you to add comments to the tweet before posting. Other third party applications have this functionality built in. For example, Seesmic Desktop 2 has a Quote option which does the same ...


If you sign in with your account and search for a product there is an option on the left where the search filters are called "seller" Amazon is the first option.


Facebook Purity is a cool browser app that strips out all the irrelevant junk from your facebook homepage such as the boxes you mentioned that you never use, along with a whole load of other stuff. definitely worth checking out.

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