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If the owner of repository B decides to delete that repository, users will not be able to successfully clone/checkout/build my repository anymore. If the dependent code "repo B" vanishes: All users will be able to successfully clone your repo. Existing users will probably have a copy of repo B locally and continue building just fine. Cloned repos do ...


I'll stick my neck out (yet!) again and say "No" - based on the deduction that if such existed then most of the many questions asking for a date stamp to be applied when a cell changes would not have been posted. However, that may be a "workaround" for you, ie take one of those scripts and apply it.


There are no ways to do it because GitHub delivers only two kinds of notifications: Participating: Someone mentions you or a team you're a member of You are assigned to an issue or pull request Someone makes a comment in a conversation you're subscribed to Watching Opened issues and their comments Opened pull requests and their comments Comments on ...

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