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Here's my Windows batch script that supports all latest Periscope updates, plus has an option to download multiple replays, record live streams, convert .ts to .mp4 and rotate it, if necessary. Uses console tools curl, aria2, jq, ffmpeg and two bat scripts by Dave Benham - getTimestamp and JREPL (big thanks for them). Download (16 mb): ...


I just finished watching The Other Guys on Amazon. My rental only had 45 minutes left when I restarted the film from the beginning. I never paused or anything, out of fear that it would end, but I was able to watch the whole thing; technically exceeded my time limit by a little over an hour, but it didn't stop the video and I got to watch the whole thing.


I created an Android application to download Periscope videos: Scopedown In Periscope, select the desired retransmission (does not support live broadcast yet) Swipe up, click Share Click Copy Link Paste the link in the application download area Click download and wait The video will be in the folder "Movies" There's Scopedown - PC Version (Web)

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