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In Firefox, you can go to Menu > Addons > Plugins > Shockwave Flash. Set it to Ask to Activate. That will make Flash disabled by default, and you can click it to activate it. (This will affect all websites, you can't filter which ones).


As explained in the comments, multiple photo posting at the time was only available to the user's own timeline not friends (which can only post one at a time) Another way to achieve this will be to post to your own timeline and tag the friend in the message body based on the friend tag review settings it will appear on his/her timeline as well.


It's a pain really. Here's a tutorial I created for doing this: https://youtu.be/3jrEhi7kTN8 This method works within a desktop browser. You will need to "watch" the entire replay. You cannot retroactively save your broadcasts.


I had this problem, and it turned out that way up by the favorites star, there's a little magnification glass. I clicked on the magnification glass and it was zoomed to 300%. I clicked the "reset to default" in that selection, and it looks ok now. I'm not sure how it got that way, but it's fixed now. It had different screen zoom views for the different ...

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