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Install the YouTube Flash Player (Chrome version) / (Firefox version) extension: This add-on forces YouTube to play videos using Flash Player instead of the HTML5 player.


If you load the YouTube video into an external player instead of using the HTML5 or flash embedded player, you can do so quite easily. For example, the latest versions of the free, open source, and cross-platform VLC can directly load a YouTube video stream from just the URL to the page: Media | Open Network Stream and then paste in the YouTube URL. You ...


Here's my Windows batch script that supports all latest Periscope updates, plus has an option to download multiple replays, record live streams, convert .ts to .mp4 and rotate it, if necessary. Uses console tools curl, aria2, jq, ffmpeg and two bat scripts by Dave Benham - getTimestamp and JREPL (big thanks for them). Download (16 mb): ...


I created an Android application to download Periscope videos: Scopedown In Periscope, select the desired retransmission (does not support live broadcast yet) Swipe up, click Share Click Copy Link Paste the link in the application download area Click download and wait The video will be in the folder "Movies" There's Scopedown - PC Version (Web)

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