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Now there is: Format Text as Table. I've been meaning to create this utility for a while. I was actually inspired by MySQL's command line utility and the lack of tables on SO. So thanks for reminding me to make it. And thanks to @Lipis for the Unicode char idea. Here's an example of the output: +------+--------+--------+ | | ColA | ColB | +------...


Have you tried Grooveshark ? although you have to have a browser window open, it's still pretty good


Both Lifehacker and CNET have been quick to dump out some options for alternatives. I think in terms of reading on the web and on mobiles (all the below have Android and iOS apps) the best options are: Feedly - Probably the most popular alternative, syncs directly to Google Reader for now. Main downside is that using it on the web requires installing a ...


If you don't mind self-hosting it, or finding someone who will, Tiny Tiny RSS is a Free Software web application with a similar look and feel of GReader. It comes with a mobile web UI and there are 3rd party native apps that interface with it.


I just found Old Reader which purports to be "like Google Reader was back when it was good". It can import OPML files from Google Reader, has the same keyboard shortcuts, and seems to work pretty similarly. I'm about to try it out, and will post back once I get some impressions of it.


Feedly syncs directly to Google Reader for now, and will migrate your feeds off google reader when the time comes. They have a post simplifying the transition from Google Reader to feedly. Feedly runs in the browser and on various mobile devices. It supports categories for feeds like Google Reader. It supports j and k keyboard shortcuts for navigating ...


One thought based on the next to last requirement is to watch the evolution (Developer release is open of Diaspora. Find more information at current state. We already have a rudimentary prototype of Diaspora running on our machines, and are working like ...


Slap it into WolframAlpha (although I still dislike the guess-the-syntax game) Here is what you can use. compute the current value of a historical quantity of money $1000 (1930 dollars) compute historical equivalent value of today's money 1000 current dollars in 1930 convert one historical quantity of money to another $1000 1930 dollars in 1975 http:/...


You want to use tineye: TinEye is a reverse image search engine. It finds out where an image came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or if there is a higher resolution version.


Update: If you are a rare Delicious user, and unaware about the AVOS Acquisition, You should transition your delicious account as described in this FAQ. Delicious using the private option. Are my bookmarks public or private by default, and how do I make a bookmark public or private? Bookmarks saved with your buttons are public by default, but ...


Wait 3 months. Then look mainly at things that say they support oStatus. What is oStatus? oStatus is emerging as the main protocol that will support distributed social networking. It's a collection of other technologies that enable the distributed social web. webfinger - for finding friends, openid, service discovery etc. salmon protocol - for ...


XMarks (originally Foxmarks) is pretty good, and has a plugin for most browsers.


In your Google profile, you can use a url to define your profile image. You can do the same in your gravatar profile. The only place where you can't do that is in facebook. Your facebook profile picture has a permanent URL, You can now use that as your profile image in both google and gravatar. That way, the next ...


I used a couple of times 10 Minute Mail service. Just found another useful service that allows you to create a temporary email alias: tempalias.


AlternativeTo AlternativeTo is a new approach to finding good software. Tell us what application you want to replace and we give you great alternatives, based on user recommendations.


BaseCamp By 37Signals, the company of Ruby-On-Rails inventor David Heinemeier Hansson.


If you need 2D QR barcodes, you can use Google Chart API:

15 (Ruby) (Nice and clean GUI) (PHP) (JavaScript and PCRE)


Google & Google suggest. If you're looking for an alternative to Application X, just Google the phrases: "Application X vs" and "vs Application X" e.g. Dropbox. Googling "Dropbox vs" and "vs dropbox" shows the following alternatives on page 1: SugarSync, Mozy, Wuala,, ZumoDrive,, JungleDisk, Live Mesh, Syncplicity. Google suggest is ...


The following utility (created by me) may come in handy for such scenarios : Usage is fairly simple and intuitive, thanks to the spreadsheet like editing capabilities of handsontable . Also it handles multi-line cells neatly.


SurveyMonkey is one. I have used this for years and found it very well done and easy to use.

14 It's fantastic. All you need. The website is built on very geeky principles (by geeks) and uses a (to my knowledge) unique match-making algorithm based largely on user content and input. It also doesn't take itself too seriously - until very recently the "Visitors to my profile" page was titled "Stalkers". They have a great Blog where they do ...


Mindmeister. It's a good one, the best part is that you can use OpenID to sign in, so there is no need to register yet another account.


FogBugz It is intended as software bug tracker and project management but works for just about any use. It is free for one or two person teams. For more users it is $25 a month.


Orkut - Owned by google, other than that I am not personally familiar. Friends list to connect with others (YES) Photo sharing integration with Flickr (YES, but Picasa, not Flickr) Video integration with YouTube (YES) Micro-Blogging integration with Twitter or it's own micro-blogging engine (Not sure) Messaging Login with OpenID (YES, Google's OAuth ...


I've heard great things about FreshBooks.

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