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Recently came back to this question and thought it should be noted that Google Notebook is completely and utterly dead. Google Docs and Google Keep are the two alternatives Google is currently pointing people to. Google Docs is ok if you don't mind using a word processor for note taking. I'm reasonably certain it is an issue for you since you posted this ...


I don't think that exists. Alternative: You should have a separate email address for those "users with limited rights". Forward automatically all incoming emails to that second address and let those users access only that address. Then, they can then delete any emails they want, that won't affect the main email inbox. This is extremely easy to setup in ...


Algorithms-as-a-service from Algorithmia.com does just this.


After Google Reader turned out the lights, I experimented with a long string or RSS readers and aggregation systems. I eventually settled on Feedly and tried to camp out there. While the interface is polished and it does most things well, after a couple weeks I was frustrated with how little customization could be done. Adding feeds from mobile was also a ...

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