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You can use built-in IMPORTXML function which imports data from a table or list within an HTML page. Here is the example: =IMPORTXML("http://www.google.com","//title") Some examples with similar meta tags: =IMPORTXML("http://www.google.com","//meta[@name='description']/@content") =IMPORTXML("http://www.google.com","//meta[@name='keywords']/@content")


It depends on what you mean by “Google Fonts”. As fonts, they do not depend on CSS3, or CSS at all; you can download them and install them and use them. As a technique of using “web fonts” or “downloadable fonts”, they use the @font-face declaration defined in CSS Fonts Module Level 3, which is commonly regarded as part of CSS3, which is as such just a vague ...


OpenRaid developer here (Kimpossibru, I'm everywhere!)... you could use a greasemonkey/tampermonkey script to do that locally, but then it'd only show up for you. It'll be necessary to change the site code for this to be possible. I've registered this request in our bug/feature tracker (OR-726 if you ever want to make a support ticket about it to ask the ...

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