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The Wikipedia Table filter Greasemonkey script does what you want: Script Summary: Filters wikipedia tables by removing all rows that have an undesired value, or by deleting certain rows and columns. You may need to add the https version of the wikiedia URL to the script's included pages filter list to get it to work.


If you look at the HTTP response headers for Wikipedia you can see they are distributing the load across two different subdomains: eqiad.wmnet and They have a little bit of info about it on the Wikipedia CDN page. Most likely this is an in-house CDN, built by them. If you are looking for a CDN I recommend checking out CDN Comparison. ...


As of June 2015, HTTPS is required to view the English Wikipedia, along with several other language versions of Wikipedia. According to Wikimedia, browsing over HTTP is no longer possible. See Wikimedia's page on HTTPS for more information.


Ok, I changed the dropdown to "show me both editor tabs" and it seems to work.


A wikipedia page is along the time contributed to. It is often good to keep and to share a link to some specific revision. A link like this is not going away if people in the future make a change in the section ...

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