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On your PC, move (not copy) the folder (or file) to another location outside of the Google Drive Folder. If you really want it local only, go to your Google Drive Web, go to trash , select the folder and hit "delete forever".


Unfortunately, you can't do that with Google Drive. Removing a folder from the list of folders to sync removes it from your local drive. Google Drive presumably assumes that the "master" version of your files exist in the "cloud". A folder set to not sync exists at, but can't exist on your hard drive. (At least, not in the Google Drive ...


Let me rephrase this for you: I often "upload" old files I don't need anymore in a folder in Google Drive. You can do the same with Dropbox. You can upload files to Dropbox as well. The local files that take up space and are actually present in your computer are the ones in your synched folders. Meaning that you have them stored locally and in Dropbox in ...

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