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As of now, no. However, the only way other people will see it is if they specifically search for you using your name or email address - If you want it to be private, just change your name to something else, and link only the friends you want to see it using share, and let them know the reasoning behind changing your name so they don't think you're insane. ...


There doesn't appear to be a way to do this other than by scripting. This seems like a good suggestion to put to Amazon though.


You can actually add things to your Amazon wishlists that are not available on the site using a bookmarklet by using use their universal wish-list service Based on your description "I love Amazon's wishlist" I would say this would be a good option for you


You could choose to order locally and deliver internationally. Generally, you can just change the web site from their country to yours. For example, if you wanted to buy this book set. Click on the item, you will have the following URL with loads of rubbish after it: Change the web site like so:...


Will they know who it is from? Will it display my name and address? No, items purchased & shipped from wishlist will be anonymous - you can choose to add a note though


On the left, click "Show list profile", then a new section will appear below. Click "Update this list's profile". There you can change your name to not include your last name. You can also remove the address entirely, which will require anyone purchasing something off the list to enter your address. (Though, it should never display the entire address, only ...


Wishlistr can do this and supports importing public wishlists from Amazon and Delicious. The downside is that it doesn't support letting people tick items off, so you'll have to remove items manually.

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