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Assuming the columns you have are C-G, entering =arrayformula({C2:C, D2:D & E2:E & F2:F, G2:G}) in the cell H2 will have the desired effect. The arrayformula indicates that in every row, one should have three entries: one from C, one is concatenation of D,E,F, and the last from G.


For times that span past midnight you cannot simply subtract. Or you'll get a negative number. Start 9:00 PM End 5:38 AM Total -15:22:00 What you'll want to do (where start is column A and End is column B, etc.) is the following formula: =(B2-A2)+1 The one being equal to twenty-four hours. So: 9 pm to 5:38 am = 8:38.

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