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Let's look first at why the function you've posted isn't working. VLOOKUP needs a two-dimensional data range to work with. It looks for your search_key (param 1) in the first column of range specified (has to be the first column - an unfortunate limitation of VLOOKUP), and returns a value from the matching row. The column returned is specified by param 3, ...


Sorry I took some time to build the spreadsheet. If you don't know too well how to handle pivot table reports, this spreadsheet I created may help you learn and like to use pivot table reports: Google Spreadsheets: Identifying and Working with Any Cells that Match


Try =QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("SHEETLOCATION","Master Customer!A1:u10000"),"Select Col3 Where Col18='"&E3&"' and Col19='Installation Booked' ")


.. and for the first question, assuming your data start in row 2, in C2 try: =ArrayFormula(if(len(A2:A)*len(B2:B), B2:B-A2:A,)) This formula should automaticcaly output the difference between B and A when data is entered. See if that works ?

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