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They only support client to server XMPP, not server to server XMPP. Facebook Chat should be compatible with every XMPP client, but is not a full XMPP server. So you can use any XMPP client for the Facebook Chat, but you can only chat with other Facebook users. Which is a pity. Welcome to the 90s.


For starters, strive for the simplest solution, try to check if it's not a problem in your pc: Upgrade your OS to the latest version or set of packages Do the same tests on another machine on the same network and if it's possible, another OS to discard OS or library problems. The next thing I'll usually do is fire Wireshark and inspect the network ...


The best thing to do then is to hide them. If you are using the mobile app, then touch and hold on that contact (if visible) and touch on hide contacts. Then if you want to view it, go to settings. There you will find all the hidden contacts.


In my recent experience contacting friends who use GMX's xmpp service works pretty unreliable. Only friends with a|||| address can be reached OK. They are routed via[]. Friends with a ...


You can connect your non-Gmail account to GTalk. You can follow the steps at Using Google Talk without a gmail account (where I originally learned of the process), or follow these updated steps: These steps assume an example e-mail address of that you should replace with your own: If don't yet have a non-Gmail Google account: Create a ...

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