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It appears that these warnings are being generated from my chat/IM client (Trillian) as Yahoo are in the process of relaunching Yahoo Instant Messenger. I only discovered this when I installed the Trillian app on my mobile. I got a security warning immediately when Trillian launched for the first time.


Like the previous poster said, one option is to download the file from Google Drive, then attach it to the email. Or, if you have Google Drive installed on your computer, you can attach the file directly from there. That's what I usually do, it simplifies things.


If you are concerned then be sure to change your password as the first step. There isn't much readily available information to find out what you want to know. However, log into your Yahoo! account and go to your "Account Information" page from the top right (below your name). You should be asked for your password again. When the page opens, click on the ...


I just managed to do this in a very round-about way on a fluke. Was so happy to have discovered it. Here's what I did: Go to inbox Click on "Unread" in left hand column At the top, you will now see the number of unread emails and an option to "refine" your search. Click on "refine" A box will pop, you will change the search option that says "...

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