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As described here, there is an API method for doing that in the YouTube Data API. The documentation describes a method of forming an XML text format that automatically adds a video to your Watch Later playlist. It will not work for you out of the box but with some moderate programming experience you (or someone else) should be able to make an application ...


I'm not aware of a way of doing this via the youtube UI (website). However you might be able to use the Youtube API. Access to the watch later list was introduced only in v2 of the API, v3 should also work. Note that since it's a private playlist you can only access it via an authenticated request.


I am not exactly sure but it depends on how the particular video is embedded from YouTube. You will see videos embedded in various different ways and dimensions. Some videos are available for viewing at 240p while watched in YouTube but not when you watch the same video through some other site where it is embedded. There is no such setting which makes the ...

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