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Try the Video Blocker extension/add-on: Chrome extension Firefox addon Its purpose is just that: to block an entire channel or videos by certain keywords in their titles.


This appears to be controlled by this cookie: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Removing this cookie should fix the problem.


Okay I found it, and if anybody is interested: The URL sends an fcrop64 value. (The value in .*fcrop64=(.*)-nd-.*) In my example it is at 1,00005a57ffffa5a8. By changing it simply to 1, the cropping is removed and you get the full image. For the example: ...


To get rid of YouTube recommended videos you just need to follow these simple steps: Login with your ID and Password and Scroll down at the bottom and Click on History button where you will find two options Watch history and Search history. Tap on Clear all watch history to remove recommended videos permanently. Now, Tap on Search History option and Click ...

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