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Actually, they do go to the playlists directory. Perhaps yours is set to "Created playlists" instead of "All playlists"? EDITED to add: I'm using Chrome on a Windows PC and, when you posted your screenshot, at first I thought you were not. After some clicking around, though, I noticed that the layout of that screen can change depending on where you're ...


5000 in my experience. (That's the limit of my "liked videos" playlist.)


The problem you are seeing is from the &playlist= tag. What it looks like (to me) is that you were having problems getting 'loop' and 'autoplay' to work together, so you added the 'playlist' tag. What's happening here is that the API is being tricked into playing the same video over and over by making it think that it's in an infinite playlist of the ...


As of now (2015-10), I can't get any buffering on YouTube, which, according to Lifehacker ("Preload Entire YouTube Videos By Disabling Dash Playback"), is due to Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, or DASH. Complaints about buffering are widespread but most seem outdated as there is at least some buffering happening, but these days there is none. To ...

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