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4000 I think. I have 4000 liked videos on my playlist and it won't go any higher.


The fastest way is to save the page by ctrl+s


I made a script that you can use to filter out some videos based on video title:


I solved this problem in Chrome using The Great Suspender. It also allows me to keep 100+ open tabs and get Chrome to open and close quickly. The only con I've found is that one loses the older version in pages that update frequently.


This solution will apply to all websites, not only to YouTube, but it might still be useful to you or other people reading this. You can set up Firefox in such a way that when you restart the browser, you can see all the tabs, but no content is being downloaded (except for the currently selected tab). You would have to click on the tab that is of interest ...


If you convert the URL from the format{id} to{id} the video will not automatically start and will be displayed in a larger format.


It seems that URLs in the form of{id} don't autoplay. So simply convert to It also shows the video in a larger format, without all the ads, etc., surrounding it.


The simplest way I've found is to add the start={seconds} parameter to the URL where "{seconds}" is equal to the total time of the video. That essentially starts the video right when it ends and so it won't play. Simply touch the "Replay" button on the video to watch the video as you normally would. The biggest downside is you'll need to do some arithmetic. ...


There is a solution which doesn't require any additional software. Hover over a video thumbnail in the Recommended section. Three little dots should appear just below the video: Click on them and then click Not interested: Tell YouTube why you don't like this kind of videos: Show your lack of interest in the little survey: Done! ...


You can do something like below, If you want to play a YouTube video from 1:20 to 2:15, Then start time = ( 1 × 60 ) + 15 = 75 and end time = ( 2 × 60 ) + 15 = 135 source:


On the right next to the video there is an autoplay slider. I have highlighted it as orange in my screenshot. In my case it is disabled.


In light of deprecation of v2, the current answer is no longer works. v3 is the new version. The documentation link - This limits to only 50 results. Fill in the following API KEY with yyyy (Link to get Credentials) pageToken NNNNN - from 2nd page on playListID - PLXxxx Example link ...


Kind of a long way to do it but it was the only way I can find. I wanted to find out when I subscribed to someone, so to it I went to my YouTube channel and the first thing you see when you get there is your activity on YouTube. I knew the person I was searching for I was subscribed to for about a year so what I had to do was keep scrolling down until I ...


Don't delete anything! What you need to do is: Create a new Gmail account, and a new G+ page with you old account. Add the new account as admin of the page (you'll need to wait some time after creating it before being able to do that), then transfer the channel from your account to the page (Google how before trying!), then transfer it from the page to ...

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