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Hyperlinking is not possible in youTube comments. YouTube is concerned about safety and spam and will not allow it. When text is hyperlinked one can be easier misled. EDIT Following the comment: "Show me a YouTube related rule that specifically states there is no way to insert a clickable text with a link behind it, in a comment." There is no rule ...


Here's some: f: fullscreen/normal j: backward k: play/pause l: forward


Can we create two or more YouTube channels on one e-mail account.. Short answer yes. YouTube gives you the option to manage up to 200 channels from one Google Account. There is a "trick" though you need to be aware of. You need to have them connected to separate Google+ pages. This means that using one and the same Google (e-mail) Account you create ...


Try the Video Blocker extension/add-on: Chrome extension Firefox addon Its purpose is just that: to block an entire channel or videos by certain keywords in their titles.

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