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It will only show for you :) not for subs it is for subs but it doesent show any channels for subs


I think I have found a way around this "RELATED TRACKS" problem... I created a Playlist and linked TO THE TRACK I wanted to share ON THE PLAYLIST. This way the NEXT track played, is the next track on that playlist, and NOT the RELATED TRACKS... It MAY start playing "RELATED TRACKS" after the playlist is done. I don't know yet... but this helps. ;-)


As @wil93 pointed out, now anyone can create online and contribute his own subtitles to some videos. You could ask the owner to activate that option of community contribution for that video, some videos or all of his videos at once as explained here. Then anyone could create the subtitles oneline, with youtube tools, in the language they chose. Or upload a ...


This happened to me once when using headphones. I managed to solve it by moving the headphones balance control away from the center.


https://plus.google.com/settings Have you tried expanding the "posts", and uncheck those? That seems to do it for me.


These others have somehow slipped through YouTube's checking. What you are looking to do is not only against YouTube's terms of service but illegal. I would suggest that you do not do this.


The simplest way? Right click twice in the video. If you right click the video you'll be greeted with a list of options for the HTML5 player, seen below: However, should you right click once again, you will see a second menu. Within this menu is a toggle for "Loop" which prompts the video to autoloop once it has finished playing. This was tested on ...


It's probably a combination of all three of JavaScript, cookies, and your current IP address. The simplest thing is to use Firefox in "Private Browsing" mode (Ctrl+Shift+P). Of course, to get YouTube to "forget" you you'll need to create another browser session after each video you watch. A more robust method is to use some sort of proxy that rotates your ...


Using Ublock, I am able to get this feature... to an extent. Download UBlock origin for Firefox or Chrome. After that is done you can right click on any item on a webpage and block it. Right click the youtube bar you want to block, click "block element" from the drop down menu. This will then expand a window on the bottom right of the screen. If you click ...


On upload go to advanced features and distribution options uncheck the box that says notify subscribers.


Keyboard shortcut Function ------------------------------------------------ Shift+N Next video Shift+P Previous video Jumps to the next or previous video in a playlist. On a single video, Shift+N will play the next suggested video.

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