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comment How does Dropbox work?
Are you using Windows, Linux or Mac?
comment Googling for a string not in another
@msh210: Excluding words and including words is a search criterion problem. But you want to search for 'licenses' without excluding or including anything. That's what you are doing and that's what google is doing for you. Its just that google is not sorting the results as you want. You want search results with "driver licenses" to not be at the top of your results.
comment Googling for a string not in another
your problem doesn't look like a search criteria problem. II think google would be searching what you want. It looks like a sorting of results problem, so the generic results with only the word license would be at the bottom of search results, while those with driving license just happen to be at the top because most of the people might be searching for driving license.
comment How can I give permissions to access Google Docs document for non-Google users?