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06/24/16 05:53 I spend most of my days and some of my nights as an DevOps Engineer who develops a career towards Data Science / artificial intelligence interested in changing the nature of work.

06/24/2016 05:58pm Within the next 2 years I plan to found a holocratic company that provides machine learning services and consulting. My strengths are: analysis, story-telling, improvisation & systemic thinking.

I non-coach people in my spare time and love to have leverage and help to create leverage, through systemic thinking and improvisation. My ever evolving non-coaching profile: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s527/sh/c3d0ac88-71f2-4495-953b-4594f6af054a/28c562c984fa2ab552e4d6643076598e

My other project is called re::play public space, it's work in progress still in an incubation phase to spice up Switzerland's public space through events like: * silent disco in public transport * eye gazing events * "hidden" improv theater about social topics like xenophobia, religion, sex, sex-work, etc * public breakfast

Keeping a low profile.

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