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comment How to enable Twitter's new UI?
Ah. Well. That is precisely the same configuration I use to access Twitter, so I wouldn't expect any issues there. The issues with irregularities when using HTTPS could be down to something wrong with your cache. Would be worth trying clearing it. Also, you don't happen to be browsing through a proxy?
comment How to enable Twitter's new UI?
It may take some time to update, and you must use the app to some extent. You might have to spend some certain time on the app, or tweet from it or something similar. It's also possible that you're running a browser/system configuration which the new UI does not yet support.
comment How can I find my comment on a Google+ post when no one has commented after me?
Yeah, but we don't want them making it so that all the comments you ever make appear on your profile like on Facebook... -_-
comment Tumblr won't show comments, need to edit theme to show them
Addition to the other answer: I'd particularly recommend Disqus. Very easy to implement and widely used on Tumblr already.