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Shane Kenyon

I do software stuff. I work at CooperVision managing the global development team there, did a long stint at Xerox and have done various entrepreneurial things mostly around web & e-commerce. As it turns out, I've gotten really good at it.

I'm a PMP since 2006. I have had strong success implementing the scrum development model. Great software design and architecture using modern tools & best practices is a personal passion and I'm particularly partial to the .NET MVC4 framework.

I'm an environmentalist. I will become decent at surfing, acoustic guitar, harmonica, painting, signing and gardening.

I'm totally into getting out in the woods all 4 seasons. I love to ice-climb and rock-climb, hiking, fishing, camping, mountaineering, yoga, gardening, painting and reading poetry. Anything to get in touch with nature and the Great Mystery, the Tao, the Wakan Tanka.

I'm married with 2 young ones - one in college and one nearly there.