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comment Blocking a person from tagging you in photos
Isn't there a way to create a contact list, limit its rights and then add that person to the list?
comment How to hide questions from timeline?
Tip: Questions is an application who's main goal is to advertise its participants' answers. I.e. if you don't want your answers published: stop answering questions.
comment Facebook notifications from friends not in any lists
Try adding one friend as a "close friend" and see if everyone else's notifications disappear.
comment Only status updates on the feed in Facebook
Seems like it should be possible with a Greasemonkey script. I'll do a search...
comment How do I hide CityVille stories in smart lists for real?
Pro tip: Block every FB app, as soon as you see it for the first time and you know you'll not ever be interested in the content. I only need to block one app every three weeks, at the most, and my feed is filled with content I actually have interest in.
comment Transform a fan page into a Group
I believe he's asking about the opposite of that, i.e. page -> group.
comment Is there a way to join Google Hangouts without a Google+ account?
Try it with a completely fake profile. If your concern is privacy, then that's a solution. If your concern is the time it takes, then just creating a new account is a lot shorter than logging onto StackExchange, posting a question, reviewing the answers and taking action on those answers.