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comment Downloading more than one picture from OneDrive?
This question doesn't seem to be related to Windows Phone. Are you talking about the website? Or the OneDrive app on your computer? If the latter, which operating system is your sister using?
comment Do email services send sender's IP address?
@peteski22 Looks like they've changed it, then, because definitely did add the sender's IP when this answer was written. I'll update the post accordingly. Thanks for the feedback!
comment Do email services send sender's IP address?
@user121032 I've been updating my answer, so perhaps you didn't notice the remark that web-based email services often don't send the sender's IP address. I just tried sending an email through Gmail using Windows Live Mail, and the headers definitely do contain the sender's IP address.
comment Which versions of the PDF standard does Google Docs support?
@ShannonWagner Nope, PDF 1.5 is the latest I can do with other methods at my disposal. Also, the author of TCPDF assured me that the library generates fully valid PDF 1.7 documents. At any rate, this is a moot point for me right now since I managed to find a font that renders correctly in Google Docs (which probably points to this being a combination of TCPDF, Google Docs and the font(s) used being not 100% compatible).