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I am a Danish Mediagrapic designer, I love building websites and other media related stuff! Mostly digital, but also some print stuff!

I love taking pictures, you can find them on 500px or flickr!

Find me on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, GitHub and Facebook!

You can give me a bitcoin tip on this address: 19bN8iZPXNHsavE2Yj5Lcaq2z54P2KfPp5

comment Blocked from sharing posts on Facebook, told to slow down
Have you tried contacting Facebook? They could have flagged you in some way that makes you more prone to spam detection.
comment Google Drive Image hotlinking
You could read the terms and conditions maybe? However why would you host images on Google Drive?
comment Facebook Checkpoint, Locked Profile
I did contact them, but nothing happend. I tried the SMS again for the 100th time and it worked.
comment Facebook Checkpoint, Locked Profile
Thanks, I did it and got this message "Thanks for contacting Facebook. You should receive an email response shortly." I'll report back if this fixes my problem.