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Senior Interaction Designer at NPR. Attendee Experience Director for the 2015 Information Architecture Summit (in Minneapolis, MN). Formerly the Web & Mobile User Experience (UX) Manager at Wolfram Research & Wolfram|Alpha.

comment Search for tweets with a phrase but excluding that phrase if it's within a URL
Thanks, that's helpful. Was hoping for a solution that would just ignore search terms in URLs entirely (so if someone mentions NPR AND links to us, it would still be captured in the search), but this gets me much closer to what I need.
comment Social Instagram activity on Facebook is split between the timeline post and the expanded picture
Just noticed this behavior, as well. It's a function of there being separate comments/likes on "this activity from Instagram" versus comments/like on "this photo" (since the Instagram photos now get automatically put in a gallery). It's because the story is "Dan took a photo with Instagram" instead of "Dan added a photo to this Instagram gallery". Would expect that this get fixed soon now that Instagram IS Facebook.