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Brian P Johnson



Custom software developer with experience in web technologies, real time systems, and enterprise/mission-critical application development, testing and deployment.


Lead Developer, Financegenius, Austin, Texas - 2009-present

Integrating and developing custom core application for SaaS platform in PHP, jQuery, CSS, HTML and other technologies. Working with Amazon's AWS SDK to integrate into SES email, and S3 file storage. Moved web server, database server, file storage, and DNS to Amazon AWS infrastructure. Doing daily release cycles and self-testing. Working with a team, sharing information, writing Wiki articles, and coordinating feature changes for a daily release cycle. Web Engineer, Magnify360, L.A., California - 2012-present

Mastering jQuery, HTML and CSS layout, Photoshop. Laying out designs from PSD files into XHTML pages, changing UI designs using jQuery. Transforming third-party client sites through jQuery plugins, by changing the DOM at load time and changing style by adding CSS. Freelance Developer, Austin, Texas 2008-2009

Designed and implemented a custom concept and framework for an image editing website with PHP, AJAX, XML, and ImageMagik libraries. Freelance Developer, Ann Arbor, Michigan 2004-2007

Designed and implemented two custom Java/JSP sites, heavily using AJAX through javascript and HTTP Requests. Designed one SaaS platform for generating local government sites, and another for disseminating news about a pro-bono law project. Research Engineer, GDRS, Westminster, Maryland 2001-2003

Researched the viability of several experimental radar systems for an autonomous robotics platform in C++. Created code to transform high frequency radar data into 3D cartesian boxel model, using Fast Fourier Transforms, coordinate system transforms from polar, filtering anomolies with Kalman filter model. Created a vehicle tracking application for an autonomous robotic platform. Created a .NET application to transform low frequency radar raw data into into a model for analysis. Applications Engineer, Motorola, Austin, Texas 2000-2001

Solved customer technical issues with eight bit microcontrollers. Education

University of Texas, Austin, Texas - B.S.E.E, 2000

Ave Maria School of Law, Ann Arbor, MI - J.D., 2007


Designing and producing function rich sites. Coding concepts and designs quickly into production ready sites. PHP, AJAX, MySQL, SOAP, XML DOM, jQuery, JSON, CSS and HTML layout, PDFLib, AWS-S3-EC2-RDS-ROUTE53, Git, Linux, Apache, TomCat, Sys Admin, VIM, and much more.