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comment Items sent from Google Drive don't appear in Sent Items folder
I don't think that they are attempting to divert so much as they are attempting to workaround the inherent limitations of email as a form of communication, attachment size and collaboration being two of the largest. If you ever find yourself emailing a document being worked on by two or more persons, then you know what can if a headache that can be. There should be a permanent link available when sharing that doesn't require the user to have a Google Account. Are you having a different experience?
comment Two factor gmail authentication: How to login from *either* device?
Two factor does not mean two devices. It means two of three types of authentication. In this scenario, you have entered a password on your phone's web browser. This is the first factor. The second factor is something that you have. The thing that you have is your phone. The assumption is that an attacker will have your password and not your phone, making the attack unsuccessful. If you would like to secure this further, have it call your home phone or a voicemail service and then retrieve the code from the VM that is left by Google's authentication service. Please let me know if this helps.
comment Two factor gmail authentication: How to login from *either* device?
It sends you a text message that has a verification code. You can also choose a Voice Call.
comment Can I make Emailing an address that forwards back to me appear in the inbox?
Your filter needs to include only the from addresses where you would like to see this behavior. The place where you designate from is the screen just prior to designating Always mark as important