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Hi, I'm Mike! I'm a 28 year old living in Southern California! I absolutely love living here; it's my home. Currently, I'm working at a university who's mission is to "make man whole." Research, education, health ... I really like my field. Yes, I admit I don't think so when the alarm clock's ringing at 7am and I'm sluggishly swatting around me to shut it off!

I'm something of a language enthusiast. I speak English, Arabic and some Spanish & Japanese. I can sing a few songs in French and Japanese as well! I love meeting new and exciting people but I also like hanging out with my close friends, attending music concerts and going to the movies. I'm also fascinated with art & design, and follow a few artists closely; my favorites have to be Agnes Cecile, Audrey Kawasaki and Minjae Lee, who's artwork is something incredible to me.