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Skills      | Items
Languages   |   PHP , ASP   
Frameworks  |   Laravel , Codeigniter , CakePHP 
CMS         |   Halogy  , PyroCMS , Wordpress
Databases   |   MySQL   
Scripts Lng |   Javascript , JQuery(Lib)  
Utilities   |   Backbone.js , knockout.js , pager.js , Durandal.js
Designing   |   HTML 5 , CSS 3     
Other       |   JSON , XML , JQuery , AMFPhp , AJAX , SQL

Simply i like programming in Codeigniter and Laravel frameworks. I like challanging questions of MySQL and really appreciate those from whom i can learn anything.

"Why have you come here? I dont want to impress you because i haven't been sent to impress you. Go away!"

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