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As I move around the site, cleaning up after you, tidying up the mess you leave, you don't notice me. But that's okay. I like it clean. I like it smelling fresh. And that's why I'm the janitor.

Tools in my arsenal:
  - Add kbd shortcut
  - Edit summary options (hacked)
  - Indentation using Tab key
  - Keyboard shortcuts for comments

Rule of thumb for robust source code:
Never assume this line will work as intended when writing the next. Be prepared for surprises.

This is me when I'm working: This is me when I'm working

26MB for $4,995?! IT'S A STEAL!!! 26MB for $4,995?! IT'S A STEAL!!!

comment Why is my debit card is recognized as a credit card on Venmo?
Merchants usually recognize debit cards as credit cards. It's normal. The distinction is done in the issuing bank, where credit cards put the amount on the next credit statement while debit cards deduct the amount from your current balance.