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I'm a college student from Bolivia. I love writing apps in my spare time and do lots of other stuff not necessarily related to programming. For some reason, I love teaching, but I don't see myself as a teacher. I write and keep my personal website (andyibanez.com). (you should check it out! You will find tutorials and stuff there. :) )


comment How to send mail via a Google Apps account without it ending up in spam?
I know this is old but did this solve things for you? I have set up DKIM and SPF and all my mail is still marked as spam when I send it via a third party app (it seems to work fine when I reply via Gmail itself). So I was thinking maybe this change will take place in a couple of hours.
comment How to setup Google Apps for Business email on iOS
The instructions you provided in the block will work, but there is a little gotcha: If you send e-mail with that configured account via your device, it will be sent to the receiver's spam inbox. Looks like the solution to this is to use SMTP in port 587
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