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warning !

This is just a rip-off my linkedin profile :D

My main programming forte is web application development using Ruby on Rails. Have 3+ years work experience in Ruby on Rails. 4+ years total work experience developing web application initially in PHP then later in Ruby on Rails.

I work as a Freelancer who knows Ruby on Rails, Jquery and also having good hand with conventional programming languages like C and C++

In his spare time, I writes tech articles on www.codebeerstartups.com

Specialties: Prototype building, Project Planning, Ruby on Rails, Writing rich client Javascript applications and Web usability

comment iPhone app login issue
Sometimes it works. Sometimes It don't
comment How to get access to the beta features of Trello
thanks a lot bro :)
comment Is there any option to create a card from a list in Trello?
I did the same way.. But there should be an direct option for this.
comment How to import task lists into trello, exported from some other account of trello?
I need this to import in my second account :(
comment Open source login based wiki
anybody can register and edit the page. I want to have admin based wiki where admin sends invitation.