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Stack Favorites

     navigate yours and everyone's favorites in a single interface

 ↹ Turbocharged Help Menu
    Convert the Help menu into an utility menu.
    Removes most items and any number of new submenus can be added.

 ↹ Filter SE questions by votes, views and rep
    Filter questions in real time, in all Stack Exchange sites questions pages,
    hiding them by score, views, user reputation and accepted answers

 ↹ Markdown on Share links
    Replaces the original URL shown by the share link dialog
    and converts http://share-url
    to [question-title](http://share-url).

 ↹ Click to expand code regions
    Adds a button to expand code regions on any Stack Exchange
    site to whatever size it needs.
    Out with those scrollbars.

 ↹ Add keyboard shortcuts to comments
    Adds Ctrl+B (bold), Ctrl+I (italic), Ctrl+K (code), and Ctrl+L (link)
    shortcuts to comments.

comment Is it possible to display aggregate of multiple RSS feeds on WordPress.com?
I doubt it, it's quite old, at least at .org. {edit} I've updated the screenshot
comment How do I embed a Google Form into a WordPress page?
The question is specific about wp.COM, plugins at .ORG won't help.
comment Can Google Viewer hide the lefthand navigation on a PDF by default
Cool :) Check this other answer that I wrote after this one, it got a couple of more tips.
comment How can Google Docs and markdown play nice?
Yeah, definitely a great tool, I guess sometime in the near future it will hit hard in the Stack, and hopefully get a tag of its own here in Web Applications :). It already popped in the main Meta: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/202156/written-with-stackedit
comment Online Icon generator web apps?
Got the best result with in the UK option, thanks Britain :o)
comment How to embed audio only from YouTube videos
I have a WordPress plugin that uses the 25px height technique, but am planning to change it to use a pure Javascript YouTube API solution ( check the demo ). I don't know how blogger works, so cannot offer much more than this... Oh, I did research a lot on the matter too and ended up with YouTube, SoundCloud and The Internet Archive (not pretty at all, but does have its groove).