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comment Removed label from message in Gmail, and message disappeared!
@user26824 - I would suggest re-posting your query as a new question. Although your wife's issue is related to this one, you're asking a different question that will require a different answer. Just click the yellow Ask Question button at the top right of this page to post your question.
comment How to set a Google Docs Spreadsheet cell format to bare text?
The single quote only shows if you formatted the cell as plain text. If you leave it in the default number format, the single quote prefix will disappear. I just tested and confirmed in one of my own Google spreadsheets.
comment Creating filters for listservs
(continued) However, if the list address happens to be in the From field, then you'll need to configure the filter with the list address in the From field too.
comment Creating filters for listservs
The definitely needs to stay in the To field, since you want Gmail to filter out emails that have your address in the To or Cc fields. The part actually depends on how the mailing list is set up. Most mailing lists are set up to show the mailing list address in the To field of the email that you receive. So check the emails that you've received from the list -- if it's set up that way, then create the filter exactly as I explained.