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comment Any alternatives for Twitter RSS after native service is shut down?
rss4twitter.appspot.com directs to rssitfor.me, which warns in an undated message that it has been "under heavy load for last 48 hours." At attempt to pull an RSS from a Twitter feed gave me a 404 error. Seems getting RSS from Twitter is very much in demand and is overwhelming small sites.
comment How does Google's new two-factor authentication work with IMAP, POP, etc.?
Useful information, but DO NOT use the link in the gray box--it goes to the "example.com" account and asks for your email and password. A phishing attempt? No, I just missed the phrase "customize it for your domain" the first time, which would only work if Google controls your domain (Google Apps). For a standard GMail account, I found the page here: accounts.google.com/b/1/IssuedAuthSubTokens, but the safest thing is to log in to Google, go to Accounts > Security > 2-step Verification > Edit > Manage application-specific passwords.