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comment Language learning by translation challenges
What is 'right' in this context? Most of the words have multiple translations depending on the context. The only way I can think of to get it 'right' if they have seen the 'right' translation before and are trying to reproduce it. In which case, it is pretty much a flashcard trainer.
comment Virtual, temporary phone
There is a couple of free forward and phone mask services. The problem is how to monetize them long term. What I have seen is the phone numbers used as a sort of forward with analytics. Voice is much more expensive than emails, so it is a bit hard to figure out how to make money around 'free' temporary numbers.
comment Virtual, temporary phone
Same as… ?
comment Do not show email address in google start page
I think there is a way to use domain name as a class/ID, so it is possible for .gb4 to be used only in the site's context.
comment Using Yahoo Pipes and loops
Hmm. I heard it directly from Yahoo at Yahoo's New York Hack Day (two days including a hack night - awesome). At the time they said that Pipes were going away and YQL will be the way forward. But that was a while ago. I just did a search and can see the mention of Pipe 2, now powered by YQL. I guess people still prefer visual interface and they changed their opinions. My bad, should have double checked the references first. Let's hope somebody else can help with the pipe syntax then.
comment Is It Possible To Hide A Google Analytics User ID From Source
Well, a separate account (with first account having admin access to it) is a lot simpler than going to the other analytics provider all together.
comment How to retrieve forgotten Wordpress Admin password
Any system has a weakest link. If you have access to file system, you are beyond hope. But yes, cleartext password is not so good. A smart thing would have been to hash it on first use. But it is a little difficult since WordPress runs from scratch every time you request a page (no live memory outside of files/database/http-request content)