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I type lots of itty-bitty characters in the hope that they'll do something useful.

I develop applications for the web that serve thousands, and sometimes millions, of users.

I specialize in back-end fun these days, but have a long history of trying to make Internet Explorer do something approaching sensible, and other activities generally described as front-end.

I love to read and study the hardcore concepts of computer science, as well as the whole shebang/gamut of computing history. Areas of particular interest are SmallTalk, Lisp, and the amazing work done at Apple in the late 70s and early 80s.

I also do nerdy stuff with electronic music, and when I find time I also read the mainstay of all geeks: science fiction. I guess I'm true to type. I also enjoy watching vintage movies of all sizes and subjects, but have a fondness for B-movies and dystopic tales.

Cue the Zombie Apocalypse!

comment iTunes Match: one song will not download or play from iCloud, another skips
Nope. This is a badly encoded track on Apple's side. The track has been downloaded on an iPod, an iPhone, and two different MacBook Pros. It even skips when played on Apple TV. This isn't something that happened because of a weird download.