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Denis Germ

I'm Denis Germ from Germany, Kassel, working as an application programmer at "Aibotix GmbH Kassel". At my job i'm developing an application for planning and analysis of waypoint flights of our main product - a drone / multicopter (we call it "Aibot" -> Aibotix Homepage

One of my greatest hobby's is the programming of applications, library's and games, favorite graphical programming with C#, C++, OpenGL and OpenCL. In the meantime, i'm developing a fancy spaceshooter with C# and SharpDX for Windows 8 and Windows 7 (Linux und Mac/Osx will follow later, but its planned).

But, because after more than 8-10 hours of programming, i also like to go swimming, meeting my friends, hanging out in parks or just playing with my old Super Nintendo - or mineraft! ;)